Corn Chowder




Dehydrating Corn
by Donna Howard

Corn is one of those all-purpose vegetables that can be used in so many ways.  We consume it often in our home, and it’s not always as a vegetable next to the main dish. 

Corn is one of the many vegetables that can be dried easily.  Simply husk, wash, and steam the ears for 4-5 minutes, then dip in cold water to cool it quickly.  After that, just cut the corn off the ears by holding the ear upright in a 9x13 pan, and slicing down the side of the ear, deeply enough to get the whole kernel, but not so deeply that you cut into the cob.  Then turn the cob and repeat.  Then we tend to clean up the ends some, and that’s it.  Spread out the corn on dehydrator trays and put in the dryer.  Corn is dry when it is hard and brittle.  This will take about 12-15 hours.

Remember, though, that the best dried foods come from the best fresh foods.  If the produce is overripe, it’s not magically going to turn into prime dried food by simply removing the water.  It will still be overripe, and not very good.  Be certain that the food that you choose to dehydrate is of the best quality so that all your effort will not be in vain.  My favorite way to cook corn is to put a pan of water on the stove to heat to a boil.  Only use about two inches of water so that the corn steams instead of boils, so that the nutrients stay where they are supposed to be.  Once you pick the corn, run, not walk, to the house, husking the corn as you go.